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The Hatmen:

Here are some hatmen or matchlock musketeers displaying their uniform. Note that they were provided with a bandolier and armed with swords on a sword belt worn around the middle, not a baldric, which could also be used to hold a dagger or plug bayonet.


The Grenadiers:

The Grenadiers have more expensive and elaborate uniforms. They are armed with grenadoes in a pouch, plug bayonets and hatchets, and a cartridge box - again on a central belt. Their grenadier caps are styled to allow them to sling their muskets preparatory to drawing the grenadoes without knocking off their hats. Here are some Grenadiers in their somewhat splendid uniforms, all armed with flintlocks and all over 6ft tall.


The Sergeants:

Sergeants carried a halberd and wore a crimson sash.

Foot Guard Sergeants

The Pikemen:
The Pikemen wore the same coat as the hatmen, and at this period no longer wore gloves, armour or helmets, but wore a white waist sash with blue tassels. They are armed with a hanger worn on a baldric. All leatherwork is in brown. The pikes are 16 foot long and we have metal-headed versions for display work.

Foot Guard Pikemen

The Musicians:

Musicians (drummers and fifers) are important for spectacle and for communication - the original function of drumming in the British Army. Drummers and Fifers had their coats provided by the Colonel, often a different colour and style. Drummers also carried a hanger.

Foot Guard Musicians
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