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Who were the Bluecoats?

The regiments that fought in the English Civil War tended to be fragile. Although staunch in the field, their organisation and supply was so uncertain that they often fell apart after a campaign. When their numbers were reduced by losses, they would merge with other, equally flimsy units. This was particularly true of Royalist regiments.

The records for both sides are so scant that it is impossible to attempt a regimental history as we understand the term today. Nevertheless, this narrative tells something about the men in one Royalist regiment and the battles they fought...a regiment which survived throughout the main part of the Great Civil War, from 1642 until 1645.

- Lawson Nagel, 'The Story of an English Civil War Regiment'

Who are the Bluecoats?

Prince Rupert’s Bluecoats today is a Royalist regiment of the Sealed Knot Society. We are a group of re-enactors from all ages and all walks of life who spend our weekends visiting important historical sites and putting on shows for the public.

We have a number of different roles within the regiment - explore them and find out more!

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